History of ShabbatUK

What is ShabbatUK?

ShabbatUK is part of the International Shabbat Project but tailored specifically for the UK Jewish community. Coordinating and supporting centrally, but delivering locally; the aim is to encourage Shabbat observance through empowering local communities to unify British Jewry on ShabbatUK – this year Parsha Lech Lecha 27/28 October (7/8 Cheshvan) - which in turn will springboard consolidation of these objectives throughout the year.

ShabbatUK is the largest mass participation event organised for the Jewish Community in the UK. Supported by a national advertising campaign that tapped into a desire to be part of something bigger, the quality and level of engagement from local communities was unprecedented, with most Orthodox communities participating in some way.

Across the UK, communities found something in the ShabbatUK supported campaigns that they could integrate into their own local programming. Central coordination and local delivery was a system that worked to great effect.

ShabbatUK’s Mission

ShabbatUK’s primary goal is to connect people with Shabbat, and this is achieved in 3 ways:
• Encourage increased engagement with Shabbat observance
• Unify the largest possible numbers of British Jews
• Empowering communities to achieve great things locally