Barnet United Synagogue


A full ShabbatUK weekend involved 154 members keeping Shabbat right through from Candle Lighting to their Musical Havdalah, something made all the easier and more special by the launch of the Barnet community Eruv on Shabbat. An array of Shabbat afternoon activities – among them a ‘shloof station’ and a ‘board games station’ – were complemented by the presence of Dayan Abraham and Rabbi Daniel Rowe, two sterling speakers whose thought-provoking talks left listeners feeling spiritually enriched. Earlier in the week members enjoyed creative Challah Makes for both women and men.

Evaluation from Rabbi Lerer:

“After the most beautiful singing Friday night service ever to grace our Shul, 190 members sat down to a delicious Friday Night Dinner and were inspired by the stirring words of Dayan Abraham. On Shabbat we all assembled again— we were not going to let some rain get in the way of our Shabbat! We sang slow songs as Shabbat ebbed away…..leading up to that Magical Havdala Service where we sang some more as we reflected on a truly remarkable Shabbat and a momentous achievement for our community! Everything impacted in a very positive way, the Shabbat reached so many people and at the same time kept a strong communal feel! Thank you to CRE for the support, we could not have achieved it without you.”

Participant Feedback:

“I came away with an enhanced feeling of living in a community where you mix with people who you wouldn’t normally- we were all coming together for a common goal”

“This has inspired us to continue on our journey and inspire our sons to continue too”

“The whole programme was jam-packed and catered for everyone. It was the most thought out event I have ever seen in any Shul. Every aspect was well thought out logistically – mainly down to our wonderful Rabbi and Rebbetzin!”

“Kabbalat Shabbat was incredible. I’ve always loved the service since pre-bar mitzvah age – the way the whole community sung together was emotionally lifting”

“Was a lovely, community experience. All children regardless of age were able to join in, be stimulated and experience a wonderful melodic Havdalah”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
Fundraising and advice for new programmes and events are available to communities under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.
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