What is ShabbatUK?

ShabbatUK is the largest mass participation event organised for the Jewish Community in the UK.

Inspired by the International Shabbat Project, ShabbatUK is tailored specifically for the UK Jewish community. Extraordinary transformative events are coordinated and supported centrally and delivered locally. Our aim is to encourage Shabbat observance through empowering local communities to unify British Jewry on ShabbatUK – the next one on Parashat Emor, 13th-14th May 2022 –  which will, in turn, provide a springboard for consolidation of these objectives throughout the year.

In previous years, supported by a national marketing campaign which taps into a desire to be part of something bigger, the quality and level of engagement from local communities has been unprecedented. Right across the UK, countless communities have found something in ShabbatUK events and projects which they could integrate into their own local programming.

ShabbatUK’s Mission

ShabbatUK’s primary goal is to connect people with Shabbat, and this is achieved in 3 ways:

  • Encouraging increased engagement with Shabbat observance
  • Unifying the largest possible numbers of British Jews
  • Empowering communities to stage remarkable events on ShabbatUK with impressive follow-up throughout the year