Birmingham Central Shul


Central Shul saw ShabbatUK this year as a brilliant opportunity to show their regular community and new students just what Jewish community life in Birmingham has to offer. After a rousing service led by the students, around 150 attendees were treated to a full Shabbat lunch which facilitated bonding between older and younger generations and gave the students an opportunity to deliver short but insightful Divrei Torah.

Evaluation from organisor:

“One of the aims of this programme was to introduce our shul to the students and to tell them that we always welcome them. We also wanted the community to get to know the students and to form friendships, as has happened in the past. Finally, we aimed to help people experience a very traditional Shabbat lunch with Zemirot and Divrei torah. The event met all of these aims completely”.

Participant Feedback:

“We mixed congregants and students and it was interesting to hear their comments about life, particularly Jewish life as a student in Birmingham”.

“Central is a very warm and welcoming shul to the students, visitors and its members”.

“Met some students from around the country whose family have connections with mine. Really feeling part of the UK Jewish community”.

“I feel that the students are a blessing that need to be cherished and helped. We have always welcomed the students with a luncheon and now that it is linked to Shabbat UK it gives it greater meaning”.

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
Fundraising and advice for new programmes and events are available to communities under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.
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