Cardiff United Synagogue


There were reports all round of a great community spirit and very high attendance across all aspects of Cardiff’s ShabbatUK programme, which benefitted from a visiting group of Ezra madrichim who ran a youth programme and spoke at the communal Friday night dinner. Shacharit on Shabbat morning was followed by a special Cholent Kiddush, and a trip to the local Jewish old age home where community members sang with members enjoyed a Seudah Shlishit. A guitar brought a musical element to the Havdalah ceremony.

Evaluation from Rabbi Rose:

“We brought more people into shul than ever before for a Shabbat experience. The Ezra boys helped run a childrens programme on the night, enabling their attendance. It helped the community enjoy the experience and boosted the ruach we felt at the Seudah Shlishit that we enjoyed with the care home residents”.

Participant Feedback:

“Challah bake was great fun and we made many (successful) challahs. Friday night dinner was a great communal event and, again, was enjoyed by all the participants – of whom there were MANY! All in all, a very enjoyable weekend.”

“Very nice dinner on Friday night with guest speakers from Ezra. On Saturday I had the Kavod of davening, followed by a hot Cholent Kiddush”.

“Exceptionally well attended Friday night dinner – as a percentage of the membership the attendance was extraordinary. Lots of delicious and varied food, very good speakers and a fantastic atmosphere”.

“I undertook to read the Haftorah for the first time in 43 years and found the experience most enjoyable and satisfying”.

“Events like this bring people of all ages together. They reaffirm what being Jewish is all about”.

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
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