Hadley Wood Jewish Community


ShabbatUK 2016 was packed to the brim in Hadley Wood. On Thursday night, the weekends proceedings kicked off with ‘The Great Hadley Wood Challah Make’ which attracted a very large crowd. On Friday night, the community participated in ‘The great Friday Night Light’, which was followed by a special Friday night Service, ‘The Song of Shabbat’ which was packed full of singing, dancing and inspiration and included a very special kids programme!

Straight after Davening, there was a delicious ‘Drinks and Canapes’ Kiddush, which was immediately followed by a Grand Celebratory Dinner with guests of honour, HRH Princess Katrina of Yugoslavia & Serbia, and Ms Kaz Aston.

On Shabbat day, there was a unique Explanatory Shabbat Service, accompanied by amazing kid’s activities, followed by a Buffet ‘Kiddunch’. Shabbat finished with a beautiful Havdalah and Fireworks display with Jewish singers, Shtar!

Evaluation from Rabbi Yoni Birnbaum:

“The program was an amazing success in so many different ways – the sense of community, awareness of the importance of Shabbat and the strengthening of Jewish identity. Our entertainment, Shtar, were fantastic and both their singing and inspirational messages really made the day the success it was.”

Participant Feedback:

“We have a fabulous community and it is always great to join in such a big event. Rabbi Yoni & Elisheva put so much effort into making it such a memorable and successful event.”

“I now have more appreciation for Shabbat and more appreciation for the community I belong to. Made several new friends as well.”

“Great fun, children are still talking about it weeks later.”

“Most inspiring shul service I have ever attended.”

“Not only did Shtar perform fantastically but they also told stories of their upbringing and about finding their faith. Everyone was gripped by both their storytelling and performance.”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
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