Ilford United Synagogue


Rabbi Hyman wanted to bring an engaging personality into his shul to put a unique spin on this ShabbatUK, and going by the feedback received, he certainly succeeded by inviting Tribe Israel Rabbi Gideon Sylvester to speak across Ilford’s programme. As well as Rabbi Sylvester’s stimulating Torah insights, participants enjoyed an upbeat Shacharit service, a buffet lunch, a Seudah Shlishit and communal Havdalah to round things off. Some of the older youth had the opportunity to engage with the Rabbi Hyman and Rabbi Sylvester at a more intimate Friday night dinner hosted at Rabbi Hyman’s home.

Evaluation from Rabbi Hyman:

“The aim was to host an inspiring speaker and personality to impact on the community during a full Shabbat day programme. Rabbi Sylvester certainly fulfilled this role. He spoke relevantly to the community, giving a sermon during the morning service, speaking at lunch, leading an afternoon discussion and an atmospheric story at seudat shlishit. He also engaged excellently with all those present. His presence inspired the community and really gave us all a great “uplift””

Participant Feedback:

“I gained a greater appreciation of what Shabbat is all about”

“It was lovely to experience the ruach that our community can give when it has something to join in with”

“Rabbi Sylvester was extremely charming and engaging. He interacted perfectly with all those attending our complete day of events”

“Rabbi Gideon Sylvester struck exactly the right note for this community”

“It was a pleasure to listen to Rabbi Sylvester who I found was very entertaining”

“I look forward to next year’s Shabbat UK!”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
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