Kenton United Synagogue


ShabbatUK at Kenton comprised a good balance of learning and socialising, thanks to the contributions of guest speaker Rabbi Michael Pollak, who was warmly received, and the communal lunch that brought members together. Rabbi Pollak led a learning session on Friday night in Rabbi Black’s home, and imparted his knowledge further at a Shabbat Kodesh programme that followed Shabbat morning prayers, and then again in the afternoon. Participants saw out Shabbat with an upbeat musical Havdalah.

Evaluation from Irene Leeman:

“We had a wonderful scholar in residence in Rabbi Michael Pollak, and we had a wonderful Shabbat ruach with Zemirot at meals, led by our own Rabbi Black and members of the community. The good mixture of learning, relaxing and resting well over Shabbat maintained a Shabbat atmosphere and the sense of a united community. Attendees enjoyed listening to our speaker so much that they would like to invite him back – maybe a learning series could be on the cards.”

Participant Feedback:

“It was good to see so many experiencing more of Shabbat than they would normally do.”

“What an excellent guest speaker!”

“It was pleasing to see a slightly higher than usual attendance and the guest Rabbi, Michael Pollak, gave an enjoyable and insightful sermon.”

“The day was enhanced by the several talks given by our scholar in residence, the delicious food served, the warm, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere and by the musical Havdalah.”

“As a regular shul-goer it was lovely to be able to stay at shul after davening, the Shabbat Kodesh programme and Kiddush to be with so many members of the community for lunch. Looking forward to next year!”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
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