Newcastle UHC & Gateshead


Rabbi Simcha Weinberg was the star attraction of the Newcastle and Gateshead communities’ joint ShabbatUK, as he presented contemporary perspectives on Jewish themes at the communal meals and services across the weekend. The cross-communal event was an invaluable opportunity to consolidate a relationship that has bloomed between the two congregations, with the Gateshead community, who have been hosted twice by Newcastle UHC for ShabbatUK, offering to host this year. Participants particularly noted the increased ruach that this partnership has generated, and are looking forward to the next event.

Evaluation from Rabbi Lipsey:

“The speaker was a successful and attractive element of an outstanding ShabbatUK program. He spoke on Friday evening, Shabbat morning and Shabbat afternoon. His alternative style of delivery couched an ‘on message’ directive that each person should recognise their ability to live true to their core as proud Jews and not as alter-ego superheroes. His talks evolved around the theme that we must all aspire to do more if we are true to our inner self, the soul.”

Participant Feedback:

“The Shabbos morning service, assisted by members of the neighbouring Gateshead Community and the choir, made it an enlightening experience”

“From this I gained a real enjoyment of Shabbat and an increased sense of local and national community”

“The ruach between Newcastle and Gateshead was wonderful”

“These get-togethers offer those of us who do not live near a chance to be a part of the community”

“A spiritual uplift and rejuvenation of my Yiddishkeit!”

“It is lovely to see how nice a communal Shabbos can be, and that we have a wonderful relationship developing with the community in Gateshead”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
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