Portsmouth and Southsea Synagogue


This event now held for the third time is still managing to attract participants, both members and visitors. Our programme which began on Erev Shabbat with candle lighting ran right through to Havdalah and had an ongoing participation of 45 people throughout the day. ShabbatUK showed our members how it is possible to observe laws of Shabbat without ‘missing’ out on anything. The whole day was enriched by the presence of visiting Chazan, David Apfel, who led the Havdalah concert and a number of the Shabbat Services, throughout the day.

Participant Feedback:

“It was a most entertaining and enlightening occasion with an excellent community spirit”.

“There was a feeling of the true spirit of Shabbat throughout the weekend, highlighting the warm atmosphere and the beauty of Shabbat”.

“Although Portsmouth is a small community, the spirit of ShabbatUK was enormous! A wonderful experience!”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
Fundraising and advice for new programmes and events are available to communities under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.
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