Potters Bar United Synagogue


Potters Bar Shul held a highly successful, well-attended Challah bake on Thursday evening, which brought together members of all ages from across our community to bake delicious Challot. The younger members also baked shortbread cookies ready for Shabbat Kiddush.

For our ShabbatUK celebration, we decided to hold a ‘Very British’ ShabbatUK, with our Friday night dinner menu including national foods from Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The delicious meal was really well attended and a beautiful Shabbat atmosphere permeated the air.

Continuing on our theme of a Very British ShabbatUK, our Shabbat daytime Kiddush was based around an English cream tea including scones with jam and cream, Victoria sponge cake and other delicious ‘low-fat’ goodies.

Participant Feedback:

“Amazing success for a small community to get so many people involved for a Friday night dinner. We must do it again.”

“Potters Bar ShabbatUK gets better and better each year!”

“Having a British themed Shabbat gave a special Shabbat an even lovelier atmosphere.”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
Fundraising and advice for new programmes and events are available to communities under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.
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