Stanmore & Canon’s Park Synagogue


In the week before ShabbatUK, this community organised a landmark learning event called ‘Stanmore 220’. Attendees signed up to hear talks addressing different aspects of Shabbat, with seven guest speakers presenting a rich array of topics to over 170 people at seven homes. Following a large community Challah Make, the big weekend itself consisted of a Friday Night Dinner with over 300 attendees, a buffet lunch with Rabbi Tatz speaking and a firework display after Havdalah.

Evaluation from Assistant Rabbi Fine:

“Stanmore 220 set the perfect prelude to ShabbatUK. All the speakers spoke about Shabbat and the community loved the choices available in genre, host and speaker. Also, for the community to come together for this project, with each host having to send out invites and really adopt the project, was superb. Everyone really took to it and there was a great relationship formed between the speakers and their hosts.”

Participant Feedback:

“I enjoyed hosting the event, encouraging others to come and listen and of course hearing Rabbi Rowe.”

“This really gave me some inspiration before the ShabbatUK weekend, and a greater understanding of the subjects discussed.”

“Deeper understanding of the direction we receive from the Torah to observe Shabbat.”

“I came away with increased knowledge of Shabbat and candle lighting.”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
Fundraising and advice for new programmes and events are available to communities under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.
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