Sutton and District United Synagogue


Community members jumped at an opportunity to establish stronger bonds with other local Jews at Sutton Shul’s well-attended ShabbatUK Friday night service and dinner. A warm, welcoming atmosphere ensured that everyone was relaxed at the traditional dinner, which allowed everyone to experience its customs in full. Rebbetzen Tali Sagal was the evening speaker by popular demand, and discussed her Judaism, her role as a Rebbetzen and how her return to Medical studies has expanded her perspective on Jewish issues.

Evaluation from Rabbi Sagal:

“This was the highest profile ShabbatUK that Sutton has yet undertaken and it was met with much enthusiasm by the community. We were practically at full capacity for this communal Friday night meal, which was preceded by a much fuller than usual Friday night service. The atmosphere was a warm and lively one, with people who may otherwise not socialise with one another often seated together. It was an evening of fun, friends and re-familiarisation with the beauty of Shabbat – people were asking when the next such event would be!”

Participant Feedback:

“It was a highly enjoyable evening anchored by an informative talk from our Rebbetzen.”

“There was a warm sense of community and good fortune in our wonderful rabbinic couple.”

“The commitment from the Rabbi in supporting the community was wonderful to see.”

“I gained a further sense of belonging, along with the enhancement of my religious life.”

This event was supported by The Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence (CCE).
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